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Akcicek TOYS established in 70’s as a manufacturer of football games. Football is very well liked in our country now and it was also loved then. But there were no football toy manucacturer in our country at the time being. We saw that gap and fill it in. The guarantee of our future is our children, and we decided to supply Turkish Kids with localy made toys by a Turkish firm.

In time, besides football games we started to produce billard games, outdoor toys and educational toys. We used our; more than 30 year; experience to produce better toys. We also made successful moves in promotion sector in time; and we succesfully introduced Turkish toys to the children worldwide.

Nowadays most of the conscious parents prefer educational toys; because they take toys not for things to spend free time with; but an oppurtunity to educate their kids and spending valuable time together. That’s why as Akcicek Toys we weigh in producing educational toys in the recent years.

As a firm our number one priority has always been customer satisfaction and high quality production.

We never thought our products as plastics objects shown on shelves of stores, they are toys and very important to us and to the buyers as well. We find our path; in the toy market; under the light of this knowledge. We offer you toys, that can be played with pleasure from the age of three by children themselves or with their parents, which are intelligence devoloping and educational.We present our toys to the liking of children of the World.

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